Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hi Family,

Soooooooooooo ya What's happening?

             I'll start off by saying that the whole country of the Philippines (or just my area) was shut down yesterday because Manny Pacquio was boxing..... Ya know in like Brazil and stuff when everyone watches the world cup or whatever? Ya when Manny Pacqiuo boxes everyone just huddles around little TV’s and goes nuts. (PS Manny is Filipino) But ya, I'm sure he won because when he loses everyone here looks like they want to kill me haha.. 
             So besides that all is good... It kind of sucks because we have two areas since we are with Elder Christiansen, but whatever, I’ll get over it. A pretty crazy thing happened, we were teaching a less active named Auring then we get a text from some random lady and she's like "Elders I NEED help, something tragic is happening" or something like that. But we didn't know who she was. We told her where we were and like 10 minutes later she showed up bawling and just sat down. Turns out we like PBTW to her or something (preach by the way, where you give someone random on the street a pamphlet and get their info) so she had our number from the pamphlet.  Anyways her problem- if I understood it correctly-- is they have been living in this apartment for like 20 years, then 2 years ago her husband died which forced her to get a job to raise her kids and what not… then she couldn't make a few payments so they kicked her out and her kids of the apartment.... So she was going crazy, like way tragic for her of course, and she just kept saying, “I need your help I need your help”... So we taught her and we were like, “Sister, we are rich, but not in Pera (money). We are rich in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Something cheezy like that) But we taught her and she ended up feeling a lot better. So the next day same thing…she's freaking out and texts us so we taught her again about families and it seemed to help... But ya that's that. We will see what happens. 
   I saw my companion Elder Dela Cruz get mad for the first time ever the other day (my companion is way to0 nice) at my old trainer Elder Tabucol. That was a funny scene of events.... But all is good now. 
   We taught a new investigator named Girlie and she was trying to bible bash with us hard core... I answered one of her questions wrong-- it was like "So in your church does god give us problems?" And I was like, “ No, he doesn't give us problems, He gives is trials” which I kind of shouldn't have said. I should have said he gives us agency… but anyways… she went way crazy and she's like "you're wrong, Satan gives us problems" than she just pounded us with questions! After we answered the best we could I was like "It says in Ephesians (I use this all the time) one Lord, one faith, one baptism.... you should know that. There's one true church girlie, and I know that's The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints....."  and I went on. It was funny…
   Other than that, nothings really been going down.... I'm literally wolverine and shave every second!! I’m not kidding..... But ya love you. I got the packages but haven't opened the presents yet... loves

-Elder Jones

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