Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey Hey.

             So all’s good in the Baguio Hood fam. Slow week for work, I only worked in Kias (my area) 1 time this week because of exchanges and all that Jazz. I got a call from President and he asked me if I would train and I said yes so I’m actually training this transfer haha... I'M GOING TO HAVE A SON!!!! I went to San Fernando for a training the trainers meeting which was fun-- Elder Fulivai's training as well. When we saw each other we went crazy, haha. There are 30 missionaries coming in December (HOLLLLYYYY MOLLLLYYYY) President asked me if I would be willing to open up another area and I was like, “uhhhhhhhhhmmmmm okay President even though I enjoy my area now” So I might have to open up another area which would kinda suck as I’m training but whatevs.
Other than that I was sick all day Thursday with the worst headache and other bodily functional things. I was sick Thursday until now but it's gotten better each day. My companion elder Dela Cruz leaves tomorrow to go back to his home in Quezon city which is super sad for me. He's been a great comp. 
             We got rejected hardcore this week by some lady so I’m getting really bold tonight. She was progressing and said she know the BOM was true but now she always rejects us and her sis says she's not home when we can physically see her looking at as... So there's that. We got a referral (wow someone finally shows me some love) and it turns out to be pretty golden!! The family is awesome and has great potential. The President of the Philippines President Marcus... Ya our referral is his brother haha.. 
            Other than that today I played basketball forever-- no joke. And Thursday was thanksgiving??????? Yup I didn't even know that! Hahaha wowzers. But ya, there is really nothing else to say. Transfers are this coming Friday so I will get my anak (child) (trainee) and figure out if I have to open another area or not... 

So maraming salamat pamilya ko. mahal kita tallaga. maligayan pasko (Merry Christmas) 

-Elder Jones

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