Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello. So this week was good, Christmas time... pretty crazy stuff.

            But there's not too much too talk about because I just Skyped. But, we got a lot of lessons this week and like 7 new investigators or something like that and they have good potential... We taught brother Mario Malilum again and his family and we asked him if he knows the BOM is true and he said yes, which was great, than he said "Hey I’m trying to come to church. I really want to but I can't because of my work, but I am trying to get work off Sundays." And we tried talking to his Italian boss but he hates our guts.
             Then just one of our new investigators, her names Clarisa, we taught her and she's going to college and said she read all the pamphlets we gave her and had some questions and is interested. 
            Then we went to Guinabang one of the days-- which is like the last barangay in our area-- so it's waaaay far away and we just contacted our return “Preach” by the way appointments. We taught this one gay named Jeremiah the first lesson and I gave him an invitation to be baptized and he said no but it was alright. Then we found this one lady just by walking around, her name was Annalisa or something. She asked us like what we were doing and what not than we started talking for a while and she said she doesn't have a religion right now. And her past religions are missing certain pieces so we were like..... oh cool... perfect (haha) but she talked about Catholics and why she dropped them and Jehovah and why she dropped them and also Born Again... So we will hopefully start teaching her. 
             We taught this family and although I’ve been asked this a lot this time was funny because the mom was dead serious she goes "You take my daughter to states?" I’m like..... “uuummmmm no haha.” Then she's like "No you teach us about Jesus than take Danica to states and marry" or something like that haha it was real funny........... and awkward. 
   Ya that's about it... this morning we went on a hike and stuff.... yup...

-Elder Jones

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