Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hi family.. So here's what happened this week (:

   So besides the fact that you didn't answer my Skype calls..... My companion was having a great time talking to his family while I’m just sitting there awkwardly recalling you and getting no answer haha. But it's fine I’m over it..
   But besides that this week was good, we had our mission Christmas party and that was fun, later today we have our ward Christmas party which will be good. Our investigators and less actives are good. Saturday we taught the Malilum family about the restoration and I felt prompted to give them baptismal invitations, so I did and they all said yes which was awesome. But the problem is the father has this crazy Italian boss who makes him work pretty much all day everyday. His boss is like retired here and just hired Brother Malilum as a slave pretty much. But we talked to the Italian guy the other day and we are trying to teach him and eventually convince him to give Mario Malilum work off on Sundays but the problem is the Italian guy only speaks... Italian (Jake Stout we need your help) and we actually communicate through Tagalog because he kind of understands it so it's a weird situation...
   Than we found a lot of less actives this week in this Barangay Cabaroan, which has like 392876 less actives and only one active member so the missionaries in the past weren't so hot, but ya pretty much the less actives are all Catholics now and hate our guts-- but it's all right. We are still trying to get permission from Jessica’s mom if she can get baptized but her mom is gone...
   Anyways besides that ya all is good, my comps cool, my area is way cool, I love my ward (even though they don't help us too much) and opening an area is still a wild time to say the least... We've wondered some weird places and seen some weird things. Elder Alonzo lost our cell phone on the beach as well... But ya so hopefully you will answer my Skype calls so i don't end up resorting to not calling you (: But all the computer shops are closed Dec 25 (duh) 24 to you. So maybe we call Dec 24 23 to you? And Dec 26 25 to you? What do you think??

(Russ asked him what his favorite discussion was and he said)  My favorite...... dunno.... opening an area we teach lesson 1 principle 1-2 like a million times (families) but I like restoration.. or Apostasy.

(also from Mac)   Hahaha our apartment smells... but it's all right. I hit my 6 month mark Dec 19!

(about his companion) He's from Philadelphia, both his parents are Pilipino but they got divorced so he was raised Italian by his step dad. He's 20.... ya he went to BYU Hawaii

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