Monday, December 9, 2013

 OOOHHHHHH SHAAAMP where do I start??

So I got transferred out of Baguio... Where I’m at right now is literally 310943 degrees. I literally die everyday-- I’m not kidding. My new area is Bacnotan C. It is Brand Brand Brand new... like... way brand new like............. all we do is find..... It sucks... and I’m training. My trainee's name is Elder Alonzo from New Jersey, he's Pilipino but he doesn't know Tagalog. It's all good though, he's a cool dude. But ya so I’m opening my second area, but this time there's like no members and I’m training so these next few weeks will suck haha but whatever... patience right??? Ya. I miss Baguio so much but it's all good. 
   Elder Fulivai got transferred to my old area and he's training. That's funny. But ya we've taught a few less actives and stuff. In my area there is 300 members and only like 60 active—soooooo-- it's some good stuff we will have to find like cruuuuuzayyyyyy. My area is part ocean, part crazy nutssss jungle... 
   It's going to be a hard next few weeks but I’ll try to do my best... It's just the last area I opened I was with a seasoned missionary (elder Dela cruz) so we really worked together... now I’m like doing everything on my own but it's alight... I've gone through worse.
   But ya other than that all is good... Just trying to figure out what's going on. No joke.. Anyways much love to ya'll.

-Elder jones

(Russ told him to meet the Bishop and ward mission leaders…)
I met the Bishop. He's a cool dude but I want to chastise him and the other members... they really don't care. But the first councilor in the Bishopric worked with us yesterday, which was good.

(Jolene asked why he wanted to chastise the Bishop)
Like our Bishop on Sunday went to like a groceries store nearby and bought tons of food, which ticked me off.

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