Monday, December 16, 2013

HI fam-A-rammmmmamamamamam 

            So ya week two in the lowlands is complete. It's been good. Literally all we do is find people and make return appointments so my people person skills are expectacular. But the problem is I really can't hold a conversation in English anymore... And I tried to pray in English and I struggled bad haha.. But ya all is good. We are finding some hidden miracles.
             Last Monday when we were looking for a family that we had talked to a few days previous I saw a girl (she looked 10 I kid you not, turns out she's 17.... ya) And I asked Kilala po ba ninyong si pamilya Arinetta? Which is just, “do you know this family” then she said no so we started talking then I tried to set a return appointment with her but she just said (her name is Belle) lets talk in the park, so we walked to this park and talked and it wasn't like a lesson it was more like a conversation which are the best lessons. We taught her but she would ask questions and was very interested. Then last Saturday we were going to teach her again so we met her in the park than I was like...... Hey where's your family? Can we teach them?  And she said yes! So she took us to her house and we taught her family which was awesome. They were way receptive. 
            And there's just a bunch of things like that that have been happening... Opening an area is purtty hard but it's fun because our area is half beach (way pretty holy cowzerz) and half Jungle way in the middle of nowhere.
   Other than that we Preach by the way to a Gay guy...................... It was weird because he literally asked us 76043 questions about how our church hates gays and I tried to explain that's not true than he asked if I hated gays and I was like.... "hhhhhaaaeeeeeeaaaeeee nooooooooyaaaaanooooooooyayayayayanoooo" and I didn't know what to say because I don't hate gays but..... If they didn't exist I would like life more... Anyways....... Back to the other stuff.
   So ya than we had a stress conference training for all the trainers and trainees in the mission and so Elder Fulivai was there and we just messed around and he is in Kias now (my last area) and he said he dropped every investigator haha because they all asked where I was so he said as soon as they mentioned my name he just dropped them. I was dying.
   As for our teaching pool we had 6 lessons this week!!! holla!!! (my last area I would get 20-30) We have like 3 investigators like 2 less active but we have an IBD Baptism date for Jan 11. Her name is Jessica she's like 8 or 9 and she wants to get baptized but her mom doesn't want her too... So we are trying to teach the mom, the dad is LA so we will let you know how that plaaayzzzzzz out. Other than that yaaaaaa k that's it.

-Elder Jones 

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