Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hi Family, this is Elder Jones.

So not much happened this week. It flew by because we taught so many lessons. It's awesome. 
So I've seen 3 different women’s Boobies from when they in mid lesson nurse their babies....... I kid you not it's a daily routine and I'm scarred for it..... 3 times..... wowzers... So ya Philippenos don't really care about much  so there's that.
Our new area is interesting because it's way big. It goes from a college town where we have like 5- 19 ish year old girls we are teaching to the boonies where we are using machetes to get to town. It has so much potential though. We are teaching this 18 year old girl named Shaira and her parents hate us because they are Iglecia (church), but every time we teach her I don't think her parents know, but she is so awesome and has so much potential! We are still teaching a good amount of Less Actives which is good. They are all awesome no joke. 
Last Thursday there was a Baguio mission reunion and all the missionaries (like old people) who served in Baguio forever ago came back and we met them and worked with them. It was awesome working with RM's-- but funny thing is they were almost all less active! So they pretty much told us after the mission you go less active, which was a horrible thing to say but it was way funny... Don't worry though..... I won't go less active. 
We had our first District meeting which was way fun, I gave a workshop on following up and it went well, except I'm the youngest person-- mission and age wise-- in my district, so everyone else knows like why more than me, but I try to make things interesting as district leader. My districts great though. I love it.

Anyways hope all is good, hope the wedding is good. Love you guys

Elder Jones

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