Monday, July 28, 2014


Mon- Yoyoyoyoyo this day was all good. We had our zone activity, and we combined it with Candon zone, which was awesome. We went to Santiago chapel and played games. We played a bunch of basketball (I have lost all of my skillzz/ fundamentals) but it was cool because Elder Curtis was in Candon zone and we played ball and it was like we were playing ball back in Utah which was weird? Na., but it was all good. Then we went to the nearest city just to eat at McDonalds haha.
            Another gay guy moment:  we went in to some store to buy some stuff for our cell phone, and this suuper gay guy was way flirty with me like kept commenting on this and that and asking for our number and I’m like “yaaaa if he says one more thing I’m leaving this store so I don't punch his face in”. Haha than he noticed I was like avoiding him so he started trying to argue with us, like asking why Mormons hate gays and we are like “ohhh my gracious goodness we don't hate gays” and he started trying to bash us with doctrine (we smoked him politely) and than we just left.
            Then we got rained in and couldn't leave our apartment.

Tues- We had exchanges; I worked in Sta. Maria B with Elder Riehl from AF, it was all good.

Wed- We had another exchange with the AP's which was all good, if you remember Elder Tanner (our AP) ya it's about my 4th or 5th time having exchanges with him haha. But we went back to my old stomping grounds, San Fernando, and just worked in the AP's area. We taught some beer consultant guy and is family which was a good lesson, the problem is they think all religions are true… so ya. 

Thurs.- Traveled back from San Fernando to Sta. Maria and taught our IBD's which was all good.

Fri- Taught our IBD Joanne and her cousins. They are way golden. They have came to church twice now and are progressing a lot. Than they had some like family party thing and they invited us to it so we went, but it was a bunch a drunk dudes. We ate some grub and than left.

Sat- Taught Monces family, and yesterday they came to church. They have an IBD as well-- which is cool beans. She texted us after church saying how much they loved it. She was dressed way scandalous as well, it was funny! All the members are like in nice modest stuff but it was her first time so she was like... not so modest haha. But ya they are really progressing as well. 

Sun- Church, we had 5 investigators attend church, which was good. They were touched by our teaching in Gospel Principles about the scriptures. Then we hit up the less-actives in Barangay Tanguan... land of the LA's. We went to Cabuska and their daughter just barely got home from her mish so she's like “Ya when you teach my family I want to be present”, so ya we taught them and it's just less-actives throwing out excuses why they can't read, or go to church, or yaddyyaddyyadda. Than the daughter (rm) went awol and was like chastising (lovingly) her family and everyone started crying and she's like "I served a mission for you ma and pa! so you would come back to church!" and everyone’s like waaawaaa and me and my comp are just like......... sweet, it was awesome.
   Than we went to Tatay Escobar... Wow, my favorite old guy ever, he's lost is marbles and thinks evil spirits are haunting him and what not; the thing is, he's an active member.

But ya the week was good, love you all

-Elder Jones

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