Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello Fam, E Jones weekly report comin at ya.

Mon- This day was good, just had P-Day... forgot what else happened.

Tue- This day was all coolso beanso, We had district meeting and President came all the way to give a workshop so it was more like a zone meeting, but Pres. Balledos gave a mean workshop on answering the question "I've already been baptized... why do i need to get baptized again??" Which is very common to hear here as a missionary, but ya it was awesome. Then we went and taught Joanne (our IBD) and friends. The lesson was good. There was this other girl named Rea there and her boyfriend so they were receptive. But they are all progressing hard core.

Wed- We had exchanges and I stayed in Sta Maria and worked with Elder Tuwai from Fiji. It was all good. He’s pretty new. It’s like his third transfer so we did some finding and I’ve been working on short and powerful lessons so we found this guy named Ariel and I was like "blah blah blah" then ya we taught him and I told the new investigator straight up, “hey this is only going to be 5 minutes, you can count”, and so we taught a mean lesson in 5 minutes which was cool. They are the most powerful lessons for me. 

Thurs.- This day was "swag: (high school slang old folks) but we contacted a Less-Active that lived forever away and her daughters an RM (remember the Cabuska family) but she's like "Hi elders!........ you want referrals??" and we were like.... “yesh.” So she took us to like all of her friends and the first guy was a hard core Baptist pastor. As soon as he saw us he's like "Noope! noope! I’m a pastor. Nope, no time for you" and so me and my comp were like........... “no bro dawg we just want to introduce ourselves” so he let us do that then right after that he's like "I know everything about Mormons, you worship Joseph, blah blah blah stop wasting your time with me" and me and my comp were getting kinda ticked so, we tried just spitting out a little bit of the gospel but we would not budge. He was pretty mean and once we finally started talking he just walked away, but right after that we went to his house for some reason? and his sister was there and she's like way excited to see us. We ended up teaching her Saturday (she's like 50.. old lady) and she's like "Ya my whole family has been Baptist for ever... I want to know the truth though." and turns out her family's kindof rude to her and stuff, but ya she's cool. her name’s Gloria.

Fri- We taught Joanne again and gave her cousins an IBD date.

Sat- We got 8 lessons today which tied my mission high. But we taught the Moncess family the word of wisdom. They have some problems there but they are working them out. 

Sun- Church, taught less-actives. 

The week was good, We got dropped and told not to come back anymore a lot as well which kinda sucks, but at least people were honest instead of beating around the bush. My bike is WRECKED soooo hardcore, it won't shift, brake, and I can't stop peddling or else the chain get's jacked, haha.. anyways ya.. all's good. 


-Elder Jones

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