Monday, August 25, 2014

Hey. This is the hip hap

Monday- We gave a workshop, was sweet about obedience. It was the first zone training of the transfer so we started it off nice and strong. The zone has got pretty disobedient missionaries just through the grape vine, but we will see what goes down.

Tue- Taught Joanne and crew. They said they received an answer from god (finally) and the church is true. She said she just has a hard time adjusting and doesn't have friends yet in the church, we are working on that. Also taught Cabub family. They are awesome. They accepted the invitation to be baptized.

Wed- Had MLC (mission leadership cram cram) with all the ZL's. Was in San Fernando. Like a million hours long, just the usual. President and the AP's gave some workshops, “how we can improve the mission”, all that jazz.

Thur- Usual day, taught some peeps

Fri-Repeat Thursday

Sat- rained mean this day so we were stuck in a less-actives house for 1 million hours. Than we got a call from the sisters in Narvacan saying they need a blessing, so we went there at like 8 in the evening and gave a blessing.

Sun- Church, hit up the less- actives.

This week was good, kind of slow to be honest but this next week everything will start flying by with all the exchanges and what not.

Love youooyoyoyoy

-Elder Jones

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