Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mon- P-day, Just a normal P-day, shopped, ate, chilled, played v-ball and B-ball in the rain.

Tue- This day was good, We had exchanges, I worked with Elder Olanda a Pilipino in my area all was good. We taught Joanne and crew. I asked if she received an answer from god, she said yes she wants to get baptized BUT she's moving in a few weeks, but she wants to get baptized before she leaves.. sweet. 

Wed- I worked on Narvacan with Elder Dougal. We had another exchange. He’s from Washington. It was all good. Real hot. We went to a member’s house and I started talking to the guy. We became good friends and stuff. Then his brother came out and his bro is a less-active hard core but we also kinda became friends, and like as I was leaving the member said I was the first missionary his brother has liked and he asked me to re-activate him but I was like... “ya this isn't my area I’ll never see you guys again” haha. But ya it was cool.

Thu- We taught the Cabub family and extended them a bap date. Oct 11 (so I will probzz be transferred) but they want to get baptized and they are really progressing and what- not, so it's sweet. 

Fri- Taught all of our IBD's (baptismal dates) for prep of there baptism.

Sat- this was a funny day; so we gave a workshop to our ward about home teaching and what not, it ended up being like a crazy argument and everyone started freaking out haha I was stunned. I can honestly say Sta Maria ward (my ward) is THEE boldest ward on the earth, like it's not surprising to me anymore when an argument blows out in the middle of Sunday school class and people say some things they shouldn't. Next week like 4 people are less active and don't come to church haha. So I ripped into the members last Saturday and cussed them out (not really cussed) hard core haha...... So ya it was sick

Sun- Found some people, taught, church. Woo. 

Ya this week was good. Sweeto. All's good, I’m still alive. love ya'll. k bye

-Elder Jones

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