Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello Family

So this weeks been good, finally got transferred...

Mon- We gave a workshop to our zone and it was sweet, everyone got kinda wrecked from the typhoon but it's alright. Had P-Day and played Basketball with the members for the last time.

Tue- Can't really remember what happened but I got a call from the assistants saying I’m getting transferred to Tagudin and my companion is Elder Naitoko from Tonga. I've got like a special assignment as well is what they were telling me. My comp just finished his training and another Tongan trained him because he can't speak good English and he's new so he doesn't know Tagalog yet but ya lets just say two Tongans together is... Not good. So they like destroyed the area. They averaged like 5 lessons a week and stuff, and were very disobedient.

Wed- Said good-bye to the members and investigators and went to the baptism of Santa Maria B elders. It was cool. This elder who also got transferred (Elder Reihl from American Fork) sang a hymn after the baptism then I walked up with him and we sang the third verse together. The ward was all like Bawling and it was actually pretty sad. The members were real good there. Than I just packed my stuff.

Thu- woke up at 3 am, picked up the people in our zone transferring and went to San Fernando to transfer Day. It was all-sweet... Ya so transfer day went down… saw all of my buddies and a few of us rejoiced because our time being a zone leader is up haha.. but it was a good 8 months. 
   Got in the jeep and went to my area. Ya so like I said before the area is shot. They had 3 investigators who weren't even progressing and other than that there's like a few members that are sweet but it's alright. Even though my comps been here 12 weeks he still doesn't really know the area, or how to plan or anything so the first night I took the area over, dropped there old investigators and started fresh. 
   My comps cool though just a hard-headed Polynesian. We can't understand each other?? But it's alright. Just workin hard and he's gotta work hard too.

Fri- Found the whole day.......... ya!!!! Finding! Found this British gay who's white. It was weird. We were walking at like 7:30 at night just tracting then we went down a random road and he was sitting there like... right directly in the light, and he called us over. He’s like "What, did god send you or something?" some smart British talk and then we laughed and talked to him for a while. Turns out he's got lots of problems that's why he's here, so we set a return appointment and stuff.

Sat- We found and stuff some more, went back to Glenn (the British guy) and ya he's sweet, just wants to change. It’s weird teaching in English as well. 

Sun- Went to church, we are just in a meeting in a house --it's only a branch. The branch really doesn't give two woohoo's about missionary work but I talked to the Branch President straight up and said, “Lets get you a chapel because we are crammed in this crappy little meeting house.” He agreed and said, “Find me Melchizedek (no one knows how to spell that) priesthood holders and we can get a chapel”, so ya... It's all good here.... Just got to clean up the mess some of the missionaries made. 

Thanks love you all. Keep it real.

-Elder Jones

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