Monday, October 6, 2014

So it's Elder bigmacattack j-onesy commin at ya from the Phill-a-pines. 
Ya this week................... yup.

Monday- Went to zone training and stuff than just played some b ball and cleaned and stuff. At night went to our investigators who have a baptismal date ( I just found them in the area book.) Ya so it's 3 girls like 23-ish years old and I was like, “so the other elders invited you to be baptized right?” And they're like “ya.... but we don't know, we don't really want to.” 
   So ya I just dropped them.

Tue- Went to Candon city for district meeting and I gave a workshop then we had a meeting. Candon's like forever away from Tagudin so when we got back we taught brother Manuel only because we got back pretty late. But he's good, nice guy. He's got potential.

Wed- Went to San Fernando for MLC again all the ZL's and DL's were there... Just listened to workshops and what not. Weird thing was President let me travel by myself there. It was weird not having a companion for a few hours haha.

Thu- This day wasn't bad… found some less-active members who got baptized like a year ago haha… ya already less active. And just found a lot. We have a ton of new investigators.

Fri- We taught a lot of our new investigators which was sick. Did a lot of finding again as well.

Sat- So this day I have never been rejected more in my mission. It got to the point where I was like, just expecting to get turned down. But thanks to my competitive attitude like every time it happened I was more determined to find and more determined to work. I was just mad like the whole day. Even like the solid investigators you can always count on told us to scram. My comp like hates it when I'm mad, when we get turned down so he's trying to cheer me up and stuff. Haha! But I was gonna drop kick someone.

Sun- Ya so.... get wrecked again-- no one wants anything to do with us haha. But everyone always said you get punted (punted is like mission slang for getting turned down) for a reason so ya we just find, talk to people and stuff. We came across this old lady who was taught by the missionaries ages ago all the lessons so ya we went to her and she's like... Been waiting for missionaries forever to come back. No one knows what happened but she's all good.

This week was rough though, I’m like... determined to turn this area around no matter what it takes. The members don't do squat, even when we visit active members they're just like....... soooo why are you here??? But I’m just praying something will happen here.. Just workin’ real hard. My drive is my competitiveness, and I have 8 months left haha... That's what keeping me going... anyways, love you.. All's good here.

-Elder Jones

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