Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So this is the hip hap this weeeeekio

Monday- So Monday was just a normal P-Day, went by fast, Cleaned our apartment shopped ate out and what not. Than we went to our member’s house and they took us to their referrals, which was sweet. One is a family that's real good, I’ll tell you more about them. Then the other is some sassy lady named Marichu. So ya that was sweet.

Tuesday- Had District meeting which was sweet, than we went out and worked.

Wed- We had exchanges, I worked with Elder Mortel who's on his last transfer and it was sweet. We went to Raul-- just some sick guy we found a couple of weeks ago-- he's receptive with lots of questions. He accepted the baptismal invitation but we haven't set a date. Then we did some finding.

Thu- Went to a super far area called Pudoc (west by the ocean.) And found some less- actives. Taught them and they said they'll come to church. We went back to this old gay named Alfredo who we just found a few weeks before tracting right by the ocean and he loves us haha. He invited us to his b-day party and stuff and said it's just us and his family but it's only the 2nd time we've met so I was just like.... uhhhhh ya we'll try haha. Then we came across this guy named June while looking for a less-active and this dude (June) got stabbed in his spine way back when, he said he got held up for money and the guy just stabbed him, so he lost the use of his lower body. He's sick though, really receptive.
Then we had an appointment that fell through. It was a referral again from the
members (sister Cornel and sister Onada) they are sisters who own a sewing shop and are long time members. But they opened up to us this night because they are giving us like 12890754 referrals a day (not really they've given us 3) but she just said like, “Elder Jones, I’m so thankful that you're here” and I was like why? Then she went off on how they hated the missionaries before because of this and that and she's been waiting forever for a missionary she could trust and give her referrals too. So it's good here. The referrals they are giving aren't like golden or anything but they're good.

Fri- Ya nothing happened

Sat- Stake conference.

Sunday- Stake conference again, It was sick. Than we went to Patrick and his family (the ones I was talking about on Monday) we taught prayer and I invited them to be baptized and after I invited he's like "so before I answer, what's your purpose?" and I was like yaaa it's not bible study, we want you to cram and come closer to Christ, then they said yes IF  we come to know it's true.

So ya this week was good. I found out my comp has some girlie friends in the area so I ripped into him and so did the AP's haha... He's... a different one. But got your package, thanks your the best. Love you

-Elder jones 

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