Monday, September 8, 2014

Hey Family. What's up?? This is the hip-hap for this week.

Monday- Sweet, so here's what happened. We had our zone activity, and combined it with Candon zone again. But it was sweet. We went to a place called Santiago, that's right on the beach and we just kicked it. Had like a water balloon fight and just went crazy on the beach-- it was sweet. I saw Elder Curtis again (Bryce) and we chilled. It was just nice because the Candon ZL's were in charge this time so we just kicked back. Than we shopped, emailed, blah blah and Played Basketball, I'm trying to play b-ball as much as I can. My skills are gone but it's aight.

Tue- We had exchanges and I worked with Elder Enzio who's like.... kind of a legend but he used to be a zone leader and stuff and he goes home this transfer but he was way legit man… Our lessons were like....... the beezz kneez.

Wed- Had exchanges again and I worked in Sta Maria with Elder Mejia one of the DL's in the zone. We taught a lot of old guys… that's about it.

Thu- Today was cool. We did some finding and found this nuts guy... We like just started talking to him and he ask me if I could take him to America and I was like "........haha.......sure" just as a joke but he thought I was serious and WOWZERS he went crazy, like started planning everything and any was like 45 minutes of him just so happy thinking he could finally get to America (it's like... every Phillipino’s dream) I was like "ya I can't take you to America that was a joke" and he just shut down and was sooo sad haha. I was like you can't leave your family and he's like na it's aight my wifes cool with it haha... Than we taught him. Anyways I left weird from that one.

Fri- In the morning we hit up our boy Nestor and committed him to be baptized and he said “ya”, sick! So sometime in October, Oct 11, he will be baptized. We are setting up all these baptisms for next transfer #butwaitiwillprobablybetransfered but it's all good. We taught Joan who should be getting baptized this week but she said her parents like are way against it and stuff which sucks. So we said if your dad says you can get baptized will you? And she's like of course... She really wants to so it's sick.
   We taught Kayla and Domylin, They are getting baptized Sep 13 (this Saturday) so I’m way stoked. They're pretty excited which is cool. We had to get the approval from the parents because the parents live in Baguio but the parents are cool with it.

Sat- Went to Freddy who's also getting baptized this Saturday (swag) but we needed special approval from president because he's "special" haha, but president said ya he can because he's in normal school and what not... So ya sweet. But other than that we had a meeting with the Stake Leaders in Candon city and our stake Pres asked me to give a talk in stake conference and I was like ............. ya if I don't transfer... so I’m really banking on being transferred haha (been here forevs)

Sun- We had 9 investigators come to church which was sweet. I got a flat tire. Ya that's about it. Our investigators who came (if anyone cares?) were Kayla, Domylin, Freddy and Sep 13 is their baptism. Cj and MC,  don't have in IBD yet. Then Joan, her cousins and Jameme, they are scheduled for Oct 11 I think.

Ya this weeks good, The area's amazing but I still want to get transferred.. I'm fine with leaving a million baptisms for the next elder.

Luvs, oh and a member restored all my deleted pictures....... It was sweet.

-Elder MacKay Hunter Jones

Twitter- @Macattack_11 (don't know why I put that)

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