Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey Home gals and home dudes. So this week was... one of the craziest so far on my mission. This is the hip-hap.

Mon- P-Day, Played lots of B-Ball... The usual

Tue- Had Exchanges, I want with a Samoan who is brand new on the mish but it was good. He doesn't speak really good English so communication was a little hard but it was all good. He's crazy. Elder Saua is his name.

Wed- Went on another exchanges with Elder Nuilua from New Zealand, it was sweet. He got a package of New Zealand chocolates and stuff so we chomped down on it. It was niiiiiiiice.

Thur- Today was funny. So after Tue. and Wed., I was pretty spent because-- 3 days I worked in 3 different areas and exchanges-- it just take it out of you. So we got back and my comp and me studied and what not, then ate lunch and fell asleep after lunch. Funny thing was President visited us without telling us! Haha! So I heard his voice and immediately woke up, our apartment was soooo dirty as well. I was like "uhhhhhh hey president.... sorry our apartment’s messy" but ya President is sweet. He ripped into us a little for having a messy apartment but that's it. Then we went and did work. When the night time came it started raining soooo hard so president told us to tell our zone to get back to the apartments.

Fri- Normal day but soooo rainy and windy.

Sat- BAM the Typhoon hits us Friday night and ALLLL today we got wrecked. (Typhoon Mario) Don't know if you've heard of it yet? But our town got destroyed. All the missionaries went to San Fernando in the northern part of the mission (where I'm at) but not us because president wanted us to like help out the people here in Sta Maria. But it's nuts man. It's the worst natural disaster I’ve ever experienced. Houses got blown to pieces, flooding up to the top of my head and just tons of stuff. So our power is still out (it's out everywhere) but this computer shop has a generator.
   Then it was way stressful because we had to account for all the missionaries in our zone and like half went to San Fernando and half stayed in their houses but with no electricity people’s phone have no battery and stuff. So we were on the line always with President and the AP's and we had to go kinda late to Narvacan and look for two elders in our zone because no one knew where they were. It was sweet we found them then brought them back to our place to sleep.

Sun- We just had Sacrament meeting then we cleaned the church up (the church got WRECKED) but ya. We called president and we were like.... "what do you want us to do??" He told us to stay safe but help members and stuff but we didn't really leave our apartment too much because it was dangerous.

Ya everythings all good now though, it's turning around here, the missionaries from San Fernando are headed back to their areas and what not... I wish I would of takin’ some pictures.. but I didn't because it was raining and my camera would've gotten wrecked. But it was pretty awesome and sad at the same time. We have been using candles for the past few days and eating... canned stuff until the power comes back.

 Love ya'll. Transfer day this Thursday-- Lets hope I get outta here.

-Elder Jones

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