Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SOooooooSOSOOSoosssos yo. This week was good, Transfer week.

Mon- So we had a zone training and me and my comp gave a mean training on feeling the spirit and how to know if your investigators are feeling the spirit and we called it freak
F- Focused
R- Receptive 
E- Edified
A- Active
K- Keeping commitments 
So ya that’s how you know if your investigator is feeling the spirit. But it was all good.

Tue- had district meeting and just worked. 

Wed- figured out who's transferring in the zone and I am staying here in Sta Maria which is my 3rd transfer. Longest time I’ve ever stayed in an area but it's all good. This areas good. We also fixed our bikes. Mine was wrecked and I spent like 1,500 pesos haha but it works now! I can peddle 5 feet without it breaking!

Thur- Transfer day, woke up at 3;30 picked everyone in our zone up that was transferring in a Jeepney. Transfer day's good, just seeing everyone there. Everyone’s trying to look their best and what not but it's 9 million degrees in San Fernando so it's funny. Everyone’s just sweating their cahones off. We got back to our apartment at like 8 in the evening pretty exhausted. But the new zones good. 

Friday- Ya I have no idea what happened 

Saturday- taught Joanne and crew, they said they aren't ready for their baptism they are still waiting for an answer from god. But they read and are really progressing.

Sunday- we had 8 investigators come to church, it was hard to fellowship them because they were so many, and members don't really help us too much but we did the best we could.

But ya, I’m still here in Sta. Maria. Been here forevs, but it's all good. Love you all

-Elder Jones

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