Monday, June 9, 2014

Dear Family

   The week of Elder Jones in a recap. (I'm trying to make my emails to you longer so I’ll go day by day haha) 

Monday- Ya so last Monday I had my operation you all know about it …blah blah… it's all good. I still workout and play b-ball and it's healing and stuff. Yay! We taught this Less Active family, the Eldefonso family, and their dad has like... Epilepsy or something??? No idea but he's got something wrong with him. But ya, we taught them and he came to church this last Sunday so it was great. It’s been a while since he came to church but we are still working on getting his family to church.
Tuesday- We had a zone training/ interview which was good. We gave a training on commitments (me and my comp) and interviewed each companionship, so it took a while but everyone in the zone is great (so far so good). We didn't get any lessons though this day, which sucked. We got punted like 1 million time (punted is just like... getting rejected or their not home or something. Ya mission lingo woo!) 
Wedsnday (how the crud do you spell Wednesday??)- Went and got a check up on my toe, doc says all good, looks fine. He also noticed we are Mormons and said he's Muslim so he can have a lot of wives and I was like "uhhhhh nice" but ya he's cool. We taught our IBD the Monces family they are way legit and receptive and want to get baptized the problemo is the dad is like "geeeeh nooooooo." He doesn't want them too, but we taught apostasy and stuff and the lesson was way spiritual. Then after that, they are like "We want our friends to hear your message!" So they took us to their friends and now they are new investigators, so cooool.
Thur- We had a ton of lessons, but the best one was the Galves family. They are from Leyte which is by Tacloban, so their house and stuff got destroyed by the typhoon. They moved here and they speak Visayas which my comp speaks also so we were walking by and he heard people speaking Visayas and he's like, “Yo you hear that?” and I’m like, “Ya that ain't Tagalog or Ilocano.” Anyways we talked to them (well my comp did in their lang) and we taught them. We had an immediate connection. it was great! We returned on Saturday as well, but they were way receptive. And yes they know Tagalog so I was struggling trying to speak Visayas. haha.
Fri- don't remember.
Sat- We met the Stake President of Candon zone and the zone leaders and talked about the progression and what not. This happens once a month but the stake's really progressing, they are putting up two groups 1 in Santa and one in Burgess. So we went with him in Santa to find a meetinghouse but all you need for a group is a group leader then the missionaries do the rest. So it's going well in Candon stake. 
Sun- Church. Me and my comp have been teaching the gospel principles class (the class with all the recent converts and investigators) every week and this last week we taught about Jesus and the class was overflowing. it was way legit. 

But ya, that's my week. All’s good. Loves and kisses XOXOXOXOXOXO

-Elder MacKay Hunter Jones

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