Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hey family! How's everything going????????????????????(((:::::::::::::::::

             To be honest (mom don't freak) I just got done with surgery on my toe haha... But what happened was it just fetchin hurt and I can't like workout and stuff and it's painful to walk sometimes so I was sick of just "toughening it up" so to speak, so I called Sister Balledos and I was like "yo, what should I do?" So she told me to go to Candon hospital. So I did. It's the closest city but ya I went there and the surgeon was like "memememememe HEHEHEH haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa JKJOLOINCNOICNCOIn."
            But ya I didn't understand him cause he spoke Ilocano. Then he's like "ohhhh Tagalog" (but ya I don't know why I just added that in), anyways he said for me to come back today (this was last Saturday) because I needed to get rid of the infection first. So I took some pills the past three days (by the way they cost a pretty penny) and this morning he did the deed and it was not the nicest feeling in the world. Haha! But ya, he numbed my toe then cut through the middle of my toenail and did his thing. But I was watching it and it was still a little painful. haha but I was just like "AHHHHH WHAT TH- AHHHHHHHHHHHH................................. AH................ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"     That's what I sounded like.... (Na it wasn't that I’m just messin.) But ya I got no toenail now on my left big toe, haha, and it feels wonderful actually. He said it will take like 2 months to grow back and it will be all good.... I have my toenail as well. And you can see the in-grown’s on the sides.. But ya it's all good now. 
            Besides that I’ve been getting familiarized with my area, which is good-- my area is awesome! I love it but the problem is-- it's huge! So I have to tricycle everywhere-- but we are getting bikes soon (says the AP) so I’m excited for that. We had MLC this last Wednesday with all the zone leaders, the assistants and President and it was good. We went down to San Fernando for it, my old stompin grounds. But ya, again my area is Santa Maria—you can look it up on Google images. The Catholic Church is like a famous landmark in the Philippines. It's really awesome. 
            But ya, we found this old lady just looking for someone else and she was selling eggplants so my comp bought some. Anyway, we talked to her and gave her a pamphlet and set a rt appointment.  We returned last Saturday night and they were awesome-- way receptive-- and they live like in this farm under trees and they have a huge family that all have kids and they all live in that one foundation, but ya we did a sick lesson one (their name is the Forranda family) and they want us to come back anytime. They actually were like "Can you come back tomorrow?" haha but ya they want to come to church and stuff. 
             There's this other family, the Cabuska family. They are LA's but his daughter is serving in Cavite Philippines Mission right now, which is cool. Anyways, they're like dirt poor and I kind of got after him and I was like, “well we didn't see you at church. Why? blah blah blah”, and he's like, “Well, I don't have money, you want me to walk? I'll die before I get to the church.” (They live far away) and I didn't really know what to say-- you just had to be in the lesson. But, we weren't like arguing at all, it was more like he knows he needs to go to church he just can't and there was a huge silence and the spirit was very strong and I said, “ya now Brother Cabuska, I don't know how to help you. I really don't. I'm trying to think of a way for you but I can't, so it's up to you blah blah blah? But it really was a sick lesson and he teared up and stuff. 
             But ya this week was cool beans. So far the people are awesome, the ward’s great. It’s like 80-90 attendance which is alright. And just send me anything, like I mostly want Skittles and Starburst and stuff. Stuff that won't melt or crunch to easy.

 Anyways love you. 

-Elder Jones

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