Monday, June 30, 2014

Yo, just a normal week not too much but here's the hip hap.

Monday- We did P-Day stuff I played basketball forever with some of the members it was fun, it's been a while because of my toe but now it's all good. We had an FHE to a family (Ildifonso family) that is moving to Cavite, They are awesome all was good they are less-active's and hate the ward but they came to church the last Sunday they were here. The dad pulled me and Elder Batal over and asked us if he could tell the bishop what he really thought of him (it wasn't good things) and we said naaaaa just say nice things haha so anyways they were all crying and stuff it was good.
   I'm a little frustrated with the ward here, the leadership is..... let's just say a pack of wild dogs could run the ward better.. there's some very good members though and overall it's good. Just the leadership.

Tue- Had district meeting, and just worked, we taught this cute/crazy old lady named Sosima Valdez. She's a long time investigator haha but she reads the BOM and stuff and has come to church but her neighbor kinda told her false crap about our church so she stopped coming to church because they were kinda judgmental but it's all good she's great. 

Wed- WEEEEE GOOOOT BIKES!!!!! Ya so we've had bikes and it has made things 900 times easier cause our area is huuuuuge, the AP's finally brought them after like a year of me requesting (sorry I exaggerate a lot)
   We went back to the Monces family and Brother was there (the famiLy that was way crazy because the dad was caught with some harlot) but they were back to normal like nothing had happened and we were like uhhhhhhhh like a week ago you were bawling telling us you were going to kill your husband and his mistress but okay? Forgiveness is great? But ya than there daughter Chrysiline is our main focus, she has a husband and a kid but she said she got dressed and ready to go to church than the mom was like "no don't go, you won't know anyone and you will have no friends there" so she didn't go. So ya we chewed out the mom after that haha but she's an emotional wreck so you never know.

Thursday- Uhhhhh nothing happened, taught some old people

Friday- Rode our bikes((:: but ya we got rejected like crazy this day

Sat- We went to this old member in the morning, who lives forever away but it was our only available time, his name is Tatay Fred or brother Fred and he has a grandson that comes to church every Sunday but hasn't been baptized so we went and told him he needs get baptized but Tatay kept saying naa he can't read and write and stuff (the kids a slow learner.... real slow) but we are like it doesn't matter he's still a son of god blah blah, but ya so he has a baptismal date now for like July somm. We convinced Tatay to let us baptize him so yay. 
   Later this day we went to a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar out barangay now that we have bikes((:: and it was soo far haha we did some finding and there's surprisingly a lot of people there (there is way too many people in this country) but to make a long story short we got caught in rain storm and I not my companion but just me got chased by dogs on my bike, they were nipping at my legs and stuff for like 200 yards. like a whole herd haha if anyone’s ever heard me scream at the top of my lungs ya i did that for like 5 minutes it was great.... (I also pee'd my pants)... na but it was scary.

Sunday- Wow what a day, church, we had like 15 or so less-actives that haven’t come to church in a while come, it was great, we were stoked because now with bikes we visit them more regularly. We god demolished by rain on our bikes and got super muddy because we were on these back roads.

Ya all was good. Transfer day this Friday we will see what happens

loves -Elder Jones

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