Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hey Elder Jones commin at ya from a sweaty hot computer shop.

Ya this week was great.... Literally feels like yesterday I was emailing you but I guess I week went by? I'm confused but it's all-good here's my weekly recap:

Monday- Went to Narvacan in the morning and we worked with a member from Narvacan who showed us some apartments and after a while we finally found one (it was p-day as well so we were like yaaaa let's get this over with.) Then we went to the closest city, Candon, and withdrew money (ya weee rich naaaa), then just came back and worked. But it started raining like crazy and this little kind-of col-de-sac full of LA's we got stuck in (I say col-de-sac but it's like hut's of the side of a dirt road), ya, so we didn't want to get soaking so we hopped around each house and taught all the LA's haha.

Tuesday- This day was cool beans: we had exchanges and I worked with elder Rifareal in Burgos area. It was all good, they just baptized a family and their area is progressing really well. But ya we got to ride bikes (2nd time on my mish!) And we taught a paralyzed guy who was funny, but we had a good experience where we went to this lady's house and I recognized her because I saw her at church and in gospel principles class. She was the one like asking all the hard questions and the lesson was the plan of salvation. AAAANYWAYS we followed up and were like ,”have you read the introduction?” and she's like "ya.. I want to join your church. I know this book is true blah blah blah,” but she ended up saying the thing that really got her was mine and Elder Batals lesson in gospel principles. She liked our teaching and really felt the spirit there and after that it was no problem. But she says she can't get baptized because her husband is like “nooo Catholic for life! Booooo Mormons” and stuff… but she wants to get baptized so we'll see.

Wed- Went to Monces family (the golden one) and showed them the restoration video of the church (they had a dvd player!!!!) and they're like crying and stuff. Ya they will get baptized if they just come to church, they just live far and have 0 money. I will tell you why they don't have money on the Friday day. It’s a good story. Then we taught the Dato family (who's LA but way nice), the daughter is active and is preparing for a mission, but the dad is Catholic. We were talking to them and the dad walks in, see's us and just books it away and we were like “Heeey brother join us” and stuff. Then he finally came and joined us. He's not a member and he has only listened to the missionaries once in his life until this time, it was his second time. We taught the family and it was good. After the lesson the mom was like "How did you do that, he's never listened to anyone" and stuff so it was cool.

Thur- YEAR MARK EVERYONE!!!! WOOOOOOHHH ya to make a long story short we found a family, Salisar family, taught them, their kids worship us like dead serious but they are like "when are you coming back, can we come to your church?" So they're good! But we get back to the apartment and it's my year mark and my comps 11 month and members surprised us with food so we showed. It was sick. 

Fri- Went back to Monces (see Wednesday) and everyone was crying, the daughter actually called us and told us to come. Long story short the husband was caught with a "mistress" and the wife was gonna literally kill him because it's the second time it's happened to her, so they were all bawling, we don't know where the husband is and me and my comp are just like uhhhhhhhhh ya! gospel woo! But we actually kinda ripped into them and said pull it together but it was crazy haha. 

Sat- We were invited by Santiago elders (elder Fulivai and crew) as well as president to give a workshop to there ward on how to home teach haha but President gave a MEAN workshop and than me and Elder Batal gave one, it was all good. Then we taught Galves family, the one's from Leyte that came here because of the typhoon. We finally taught their whole family, they are way receptive.

Sun- Went to Narvacan again with President Balledos this time, he approved an apartment their then told us to find one in Santiago because the one we found their sucks haha. Then we taught LA's. 

That's my week... pretty good. Love you bye

-Elder Jones 

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