Monday, June 16, 2014

Jones fam and Friendzz 

Hey so this is the hip hap this week.

Monday- We had our zone activity in Santiago and what we did was bought a whole pig and played volleyball it was way coolso everyone brought there own rice then we just chowed after we were done playing sports. The Pig was pretty big, way good and they guy cut it up for us and we just layed it on banana leaves and chowed. Than we taught our recent converts and that's it for monday.

Tuesday- We had exchanges i stayed in our area with elder Nuielua from New Zealand and it was all good we taught a bunch of less active old ladies, it was less active old lady day haha na but ya.

Wed (still don't know how to spell it)- We had a tri-zone conference with Candon zone Bangued zone and us Narvacan zone, president and the assistants came, no special guests): hah but it was good we did some activities ate some food but the theme of the conference was pretty much stop complaining because presidents been getting a lot of complaints from the missionaries about it being a "stat" oriented mission and even me and my comp the missionaries in our zone always complain to us that all we and president wants is stats which president is focusing on hi stats a lot lately but it's working because our missions performing the best it's ever been lately. So president told everyone pretty much to just stop complaining haha it was awesome.

Thur- Dad i'm following in your footsteps because we looked for an appartment forever this day and had to figure out contracts and bills and stuff so in a way i feel like a real estate agent?? haha but ya we have to find three new appartments because there are so many missionaries coming in 1 in Santiago, 1 in Santa, and 1 in Narvacan by next transfer, so far Santiago is good, and santa we just have to find for narvacan. 
We taught sister Forranda the lady we found selling egg plant lesson 2 and like half way through the lesson we are like too bad we didn't see you at church last week blah blah than she's like Elders i'm soo sorry i should up at 9:30 a little late and was too scared to go in!
So ya she came to church but was too scared to actually go inside beacause she was late haha.. Dang

Friday- We taught Monces family the family who used to have an IBD and we taught the BOM and they were like ya your church is true we know the bom is true and we were like uhhhhhh sweet they just need to come to church. They like wait for us though and if we don't go every friday and wedsnday they like have a cow haha. Than we taught anopther less active old lady named nanay amorine, she's hilarious and doesn't give a dang about anything haha but she showed us her wine collection and told us how much she loves wine and we were like uhhhhhhhhh nice.

Saturday- We had Stake conference today. Man this stake is a little too relaxed (candon stake) it starts at 9 the preisthood session and by 9;30 the only people there are missionaries and the stake president so he kept making the "ahh didn't know it was zone conference" joke than around ten his councilors and some others showed up. Neck ties are rarely used as well haha. If you have Garments, can get to church regularly and are active you have a good chance at becoming a bishop or stake president here.

Sunday- Went to sunday session of conference than visited an old lady in the hospital and webnt to less actives.

That's pretty much it. love you all

-Elder Jones

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